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YISAN s.r.o.

For more than 10 years, Yisan's founder has been a market player in our industry.
Yisan S.r.o.​​ created a trusted network of suppliers and customers of all type.
With its extensive network of manufacturers, wholesalers, operators, ​distributors, and retail chains you can be assured that our proposition will reflect the marketplace's reality.

Our products range stretches from computer components to full network infrastructure, from digital entertainment to full home automation. In other words, the best of today's and tomorrow's consumer electronics.

Since 2013 Yisan S.r.o.​​ has carved in stone its professionalism. 
Our sales agents and logistics specialists will know how to satisfy your requests anytime and anywhere.
Your dedicated business partner will source the best deals for you, seeking around the world through our selected connections and applying years of experience to get you the best deal at the best price.

Our privacy and security measures insure the safety and confidentiality you need. 

Today, Yisan s.r.o.​​ is looking to become one of your main supplier of new technologies.

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